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– For Jo Knight’s sketchnote pictures go to the Art of the Consultation
– For a handy reflection sheet to act as a template go to “Downloads” then “Reflection sheet” on this DocRick site.
– Pre consultation questions help improve the consultation. Click here for the sheet and go to “consultations” and “pre consultation questions” as seen at the RCGP conference Oct 2016.

– how do you ask socratic questions in appraisal?
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I aim to share focused three point tips on providing healthcare, education, research and appraisal.

Started in 2009, this site outlines core principles, for more than one hundred topics, with links to more information placed below these. The principles are often generic. I hope they are relevant to all those working in healthcare, particularly those providing consultations, teaching or appraisals.

I have tried to keep things simple, for ease of recall, which is why I have used a three point introduction for each topic.

I hope you find that this website acts as an aide memoire to retrieve durable information and principles, as needed, during appraisals, meetings and teaching sessions.


News – Daniel Furmedge points out legal risks of reflection in BMJ
Go to “appraisals” and drop down to “reflection”

Broad areas covered are:

Appraisal – an annual review to support healthcarers in their own development.

Consultations – building on the relationship between healthcarers and patients.
Includes pre consultation questions.

Education – helping others learn about good quality healthcare.

Research – reviewing practice and new approaches in healthcare.

Medical Practice – providing good quality healthcare.


An example of using three points is the “three rules”of health care management described by Valerie Iles in her excellent book Really Managing Health Care 2006 Open University Press p7. I have summarised these as Aims Ability and Achieved under the leadership section of DocRick.co.uk.

Topics are presented in alphabetical order on the left with dropdown menus. The principles are intended to be generic and can apply in other non healthcare settings.
Please do dip in and out.

If you find something that takes your interest do use it and please quote Doc Rick and  Mark Rickenbach.

Most of the suggestions here are enduring, but I will be updating and
adding more as they arise

Mark Rickenbach

Visiting Professor of healthcare and education quality
Appraiser, mentor and General PracticeTrainer

I hope it is of help and interest to you. If you would like me to talk on the subjects outlined please contact me at mark.rickenbach@nhs.net or “DocRick” I can also provide education, appraisal, mentorship and video or observed consultation if it would be of help to you.

I think good healthcare needs:

  • Education focused on what patients, and those working in healthcare really need – truly learner centred
  • Proactive integrated care with sufficient consultation time
  • Rapid recall of focused relevant information

I liked the picture so left it here! Life is a bit of a miracle and intricate. We are part of a bigger universe!

I liked the picture so left it here! Life is a bit of a miracle and intricate. We are part of a bigger universe!