Chronic Pain

Childhood experiences
Life Stressors

If you have chronic pain, Dr Sam Powell, GP and life coach, suggests there are three areas that might contribute to this.
Thinking about this three areas may help you understand why your body could generate, or become more aware and sensitive, to chronic pain as a result.

Childhood experiences

Many people have childhood experiences that may be small or big life events, and have had an impact on how they think, handle stresses or become sensitive to pain


Whatever our personality profile is we are all equal and contribute to society as a whole. However if people are conscientious, have high self expectations and like to do things really well they may be more susceptible to stress and pain if they do not achieve what they aspire to.

Life Stressors

Whoever we are things happen in life that are unpredictable. This may be bereavement, illness, home relationship problems or work pressures such as bullying. Life events and how we react to them can heighten awareness of pain and aggravate chronic pain.

Consider these three areas and how they might contribute to stress or pain for you. Sometimes just being aware of this is enough to help.
There are many resources for chronic pain and stress and it helps to know that you are not alone and that almost everyone does get through this with help.

Dr Sam Powell recommends:

Phil Parker’s 25 min videos giving some great initial lessons on neuroplasticity (how the brain can adapt and change). He came up with the Lightening Process which has been researched and found to be a successful treatment for fibromyalgia and various other chronic ailments. Start with :


Then anything by Lorimer Mosley such as :

it’s long but well worth it.

His website is :

The TMS wiki site really interesting and it has a 6 week program to work through that might be useful for people committed to sorting out their pain

There is a website based on the work of Georgie Oldfield who was a physio dealing with chronic pain. She has trained up physios across the country and you can find therapists near here.

There is an app called Curable. The Facebook group is really helpful and supportive and encouraging for people to belong to as well.