Bereavement and Loss stages

Bereavement and Loss stages

Grief can be a result of losing a loved one but can also be for losing some other part of your life. This might be a physical such as loss of a limb or after a stroke. Or it might be a life loss such as divorce. The effect on you may be similar whatever the cause. Kubler-Ross postulated there were stages that a person might experience after loss. Not everyone may go through this but it can help to consider these stages. It may help you move towards acceptance of what has happened.


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This cannot be true. It cannot happen to me so there must be an error or alternative explanation


Why has it happened to me? It is not fair. Who do I blame?


If I do this will it be OK? This might be exercise, change of lifestyle, or a plea


Why bother? What is it all for? Not point, just give up and hide away.


It is going to happen and is inevitable. I am ready and prepared