Life as a GP 1897 to 2022

Park and St Francis surgery 1897 to 1980s
Life as a GP in the 1990s
Park and St Francis surgery 1990 to 2003
Innovations in Primary Care
Covid pandemic hits General Practice 2020

Life as a General Practitioner from 1897 to 2022. This talk was given to the Patient Participation Group of Park and St Francis surgery in February 2022. You can watch the full lecture or drop into one of parts outlined below to get a flavour of working as a GP over the period of one and a quarter centuries. The change in practice, hours of work, different arrangements and initiatives leading up to the impact of the covid pandemic.

Park and St Francis surgery 1987 to 1980s (Part 1 is 4 min)

This introduction moves into the history of Park and St Francis surgery in Hampshire Southern England from 1987 when founded by Dr Edward Duiguid Ritchie as a single handed general practice from his own house. His wife Lily funded a memorial and a hall in his name which still stands beside the surgery and St Boniface church. See

Life as a GP in the 1990s (Part 2 is 6 min)

Prof Mark Rickenbach outlines what it was like as a medical student, doctor and general practitioner in the 1980s and 1990s. Nights on call and nappy changing during emergency calls. See

Park and St Francis surgery 1990 to 2003 (Part 3 is 11 min)

Starting with the Lloyd George records established by the then Prime Minister in 1911 this covers the period to 2003 with handwriting and consultation style changes included, as well as the Healthy walks initiative. See

Innovations in Primary Care (Part 4 is 14 min)

This section covers new initiatives in frailty care, counselling, consultations and research. It includes the Olympic games-makers of 2012 and how to identify a person Ideas, Concerns and Expectations (ICE) during their consultations with a GP. see

Covid pandemic hits General Practice 2020 (Part 5 is 9 min)

A GP’s experience of Covid infection and how it changed healthcare dramatically until vaccines saved the day. see

The full 40 minute lecture is at

You can listen in sections. The first five minutes is the history of the surgery from 1897 onward. Then starting out as a General Practitioner in the 1990s. Innovations in Primary Healthcare starts from 23 minutes and a resume of the impact of the Covid Pandemic starts at 37 minutes. Do dip in and out. Hope it is of interest