Issues Actions and Review IAR.www


When faced with a problem of any sort it helps to be clear about the steps required to resolve this. Being clear and explicit helps. IAR.www is a reminder of the steps required. Issue then Action then Review by who, when and what/how¹.


What is the actual problem? Try to distill it into two or three words as a heading. Then provide a short, clear paragraph stating what the problem is so that anyone could understand it. People often want to give more detail, especially if they are not clear about the issue. More detail can be given as an adendum and needs to be referable to but the core issue needs to be explicit and clear. A record of past issues and actions should exist to ensure people build on from what has been done before and move forward.


Actions should match each issue raised. There may be more that one action. Again be clear about what each action is with a short outline referring, if need, to more detail. Be SMART with each action by ensuring they are Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Realistic and Timed


This is the area most often missed. Write down who will review the situation. This should be a third party who undertakes to confirm actions have taken place and issues have been resolved. The third party acts as a reminder and encourages a check and progress. They can be a critical friend or may be a person within the organisation.

IAR.www¹. The www is a way to remember to state specifically “who” will review the issues and actions. “When” they will review them, including time and place. Followed by “what” they will do to review them. For example meet or phone  or receive a report
1) The PMETB National Trainee Survey – is it a useful tool? Rickenbach.M, Wedderburn.C Education for Primary Care 2010