Salaried versus Partner

There are advantages and disadantages to being a salaried doctor or in a partnership. These are general principles with an added focus of working in general practice. In reality the best thing for you as an individual depends on your circumstances. For some a salried role if preferrable to a partnership, for others a partnership is better

Working conditions

Salaried Partner
Steady income Variable income depends on finances
Potential maternity/sick leave Fund own sick or maternity leave
Annual leave Cover colleagues leave
Security long term varies Security long term high
Employment rights Partnership agreement
Status varies as a local GP Status as a local GP
Perception others varies Perception as a GP partner
No investment or risk Investment in capital and risk
No building investment or risk Building investment with risk or profit

Locus of control

Salaried Partner
Focus control varies (organisation) Focus control varies (partners)
No management requirements Management role
Mobility in job Financial ties to partnership
No staff issues Staff responsibility
Clinical focus Organisational and clinical focus

Patient Population

Salaried Partner
Ownership of patient list  varies List or practice responsibility for patients
 Continuity less  Continuity higher
Visiting and duty experience varies  Usually visits and on duty
 May be a selected patient group Broader patient group usually