Calming hand

Recognise the attack (thumb
Breathe out (index
Breathe in (middle
Breathe out (ring)
Arms and shoulders down (little)

When you get a panic attack remember it will settle and you can control it. Look at your hand and go though the following steps. The calming hand is a well known resource I quote and the reference will follow.

Your calming hand
Your calming hand (Picture courtesy of

Recognise the attack (thumb)

Look at your hand and hold your thumb up. Recognise this is a panic attack, remember you can control it

Breathe out (index)

Breathe out slowly. This breaks the cycle of rapid shallow breathes

Breathe in (middle)

Take one breath in slowly

Breathe out (ring)

Breathe out slowly once more and you are stopping the attack

Arms and shoulders down (little)

Put your arms down and out palms forward. Let your shoulders drop. This counteracts the panic attack which usually causes the opposite movement