Complex consultation clinics

Manchester – Dr Helen Marsden
Wirrell – Dr Tim Mercer
North Somerset – Dr Kevin

Patients with complex consultations may drift around different doctors, but this wastes resources both in the practice and in the wider healthcare system with unnecessary investigation and associated morbidity. Techniques to handle complex consultations can lead to “better outcomes than expected and more interesting surgeries” says Dr Tim Mercer.

Interviews with GPs running surgeries that specialise in handling complex consultations are on you tube at
Section 1 introduction to three complex consultation surgeries
Section 2 Handling the heart sink feeling Prof Mark Rickenbach
Section 3a Dr Helen Marsden tells us about her complex consultation surgeries
Section3b Dr Tim Mercer tells us about his dedicated complex consultation surgery
Section 4a and 4b Questions and discussion Dr Helen Marsden and Dr Time Mercer with Prof Mark Rickenbach. Each section ten minutes

Manchester – Dr Helen Marsden

Reception refer on

Wirrell – Dr Tim Mercer

One year fellowship so set up two surgeries on a Tuesday his first day back in the week. Three other sessions with normal clinics

North Somerset – Dr Kevin Haggerty

High Intensity user clinic
High Intensity Use – Service Leaflet V1