Neurolinguist Programming  “Collins gem” “5-minute NLP £4.99 Carolyn Boyes ISBN 9780007266593   Useful little techniques that can unlock situations – a lovely little pocket book that is pickup able and succient Most bookshops on the counter!

The Formative Impact of GP Appraisals: a post-appraisal questionnaire survey Zolle.O,.Rickenbach.M, Scallan.S, Gorrod.E..Education for Primary Care 2010. Outlines the impact of appraisal in England as introduces to all general practitioners in 2005

Appraisal in post and NHS appraisal: functions and terminology Ball K , Rickenbach M , Scallan S, Goodman J, Smith F. 2007; Education for Primary Care 18:665-776. Outlines the principle of a review (appraisal) at the start, middle and end of each post.